About The Designer


British-born fashion designer, Hoyan Ip, founder and director of Bio-Trimmings is acknowledged for research-based, experimental and explorative innovations within fashion and design who continues to challenge the meaning of future fashion.
After graduating in 2008 at the prestigious, University of Westminster in London studying a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, she gained many leading press coverage for her innovative collection at Graduate Fashion Week where she pushed forward conceptual clothing inspired by lifejackets and the journey on a plane. She continued developing her pioneering practice to develop new ideas and innovations, which she has shown at events such as Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and Oxford Fashion Week.
In 2010, Ip undertook a Masters degree at Kingston University where she gained further interest from industries such as Incrops, Givaudan and Wellcome Gallery for her exploration into multi-disciplinary design concepts and experimenting with materiality, space and science interlinking this to fashion and future innovation of fashion product and design, especially involved with the subject of design sustainability.
‘Bio-Trimmings’ was founded in 2012. This is a collection of unique, sustainable, luxury products which originally begun as an experiment creating delicate fashion trimmings such as buttons and buckles out of raw materials. ‘Bio-trimmings’ was the first non-clothing collection Hoyan Ip launched during Vauxhall Fashion Scout for her Masters degree show in 2012 after years of academic research studies in fashion. It very quickly captured the attention of international press and industry interest with the innovative concept of creating unique, fashion products from domestic food waste collected from her local community and transformed into beautiful sustainable products. Most importantly, it shows how interlinking strong, scientific knowledge and food research with design makes an unusual and powerful statement promoting future sustainability by re-using wasted food to create luxury products that are both beautiful to look at and hold ethical meaning and imagination.
In addition to the ‘Bio-Trimmings’ collection, Ip has developed more to the range including unique pieces of jewellery, handbags, accessories and bouquets to add to the collection of products made from wasted food which have the advantages of being mould-free, odour-free and meat-free as well as being a statement fashion piece.