The beautiful selection of stones formed by Bio-Trimmings are all created from food extract from what is otherwise considered as food waste. These include seeds, shells, peels and any cut-offs of vegetables or fruit that are not eaten and would normally be thrown away.
Each design consists of some form of stone incorporated within the design. Each stone is carefully handcrafted and listed with the contents of ingredients used within the formula. Each stone varies slightly from each other as they are made with different techniques and food extract which allows the final product to be unique in its form, shape, size, colour and texture. No two stones are exactly the same.

Every Bio-Gem is made from different components of food extract in various colours, textures and shapes.

Intelligently presented with recycled materials and sterling metal, each one is individually handcrafted to create a beautiful, durable statement piece.

We are always finding new ways to create new, forward-thinking design ideas with thought and care.

Described as 'The one to watch' by Vogue, Italia.