A collection of work created including features in Clothes Show Live, London Fashion Week, Oxford Fashion Week, galleries, collaborations with graphic designers, stylists and artists across the world.

Ethical Fashion Shoot
Collaboration with Lesa Simons to create Bio-button bouquets and pin-holes.

A special commission created by Bio-Trimmings for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

Exhibition shown at Lam Wan Shopping Centre.
Traditional CNY Clothing, Ancient Chinese coins and gold all created and embellished with recycled food.


Bio-Posters were created for Pizza owner in Singapore.

Special collaboration between Bio-Trimmings and Graphic Designers, Doodleroom.

Main graphics are individually sculpted to create an embossed effect using wasted food and natural colours derived from leftover meals and sauces.


Wellcome Gallery, London Euston
An installation was created and set up first at Kingston University as a cash point and later created especially for a special exhibition at the Wellcome Gallery in London.
'Scented Memories' was a series of familiar, historical potions of scents created and installed inside a vented box which would allow the audience to step on and engage in all senses to trigger positive and/or negative memories, demonstrating the power of smell in a seemingly harmless environment.