Brandt Sparkle Gold Chain Necklace


Handmade, faceted Bio-Gem pendant embedded with plant fibres and gold leaf complemented with 20″ textured, paperclip-style chain that catches the light to create a sparkled effect. Thick layer 18 carat gold vermeil necklace. Wear with other chains for a layered, modern look.


20″ chain. Approximately 1cm x 1cm x 1cm charm.

Please note each piece we create is completely unique and will vary slightly in pattern and colour.

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London-based, sustainable brand uniquely handcrafting luxury jewellery from plant fibres.

About Bio-Trimmings

We are an independent jewellery brand that creates each unique design sustainably. We do this by extracting plant fibres from fruit and vegetable peel and pips that would otherwise be discarded. These undergo a unique extraction & dehydration process and form a hard-wearing, eco-based encasing, forming our signature Bio-Gems. These are individually handcrafted to beautifully complement recycled precious metals which are crafted using traditional, historical jewellery methods and techniques to form unique designs.


All our Bio-Gems are handcrafted from plant fibres; an environmentally-friendly, durable alternative and beautifully incorporated with recycled sterling silver and/or 18 carat gold vermeil designs using traditional jewellery techniques to form unique forms. With our plant-based Bio-Gems, we offer uniqueness in conscious design. Each Bio-Gem is unique in appearance, natural colours, textures and shapes supporting sustainable practices and reducing carbon footprint.

By using recycled silver, we are reducing the amount of waste and pollution generated from mining new silver. Our recycled sterling silver come from a variety of sources including old jewellery, industrial metals and electronic components. Additionally, recycled silver has the same quality and durability as newly mined silver, making it a responsible choice.

Gold Vermeil is the best choice for adding luxury to your outfit. It is made by coating a base metal – high quality eco sterling silver, with an extra thick layer of 18 carat gold. The gold layer is over 14 times thicker than standard gold plating and is more resistant to wear. This creates our durable and long-lasting design pieces that has the appearance of solid gold. The benefits of gold vermeil is that it is more affordable than solid gold, while still providing the same luxurious look. With sterling silver as its base, it is also hypoallergenic.

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